Thursday, 24 August 2017

Paul Unboxes the Doctor Who: Exterminate! Miniatures Game

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

It's safe to say the boxed miniatures game is not only de rigueur right now, but it's also a fiercely competitive sector of the market. The likes of Test of Honour, Project Z and the forthcoming Blood Red Skies, however, prove Warlord Games' mettle against stiff competition.

The Doctor Who: Exterminate! Miniatures Game continues in the same demonstrative manner, mining as it does that rich seam of compelling gameplay, high-quality components and neat miniatures at an excellent price. In doing so not only does it excite, but it also underlines Warlord Games' continued ability to catch lightning in a bottle...

...Long may it continue.

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