Wednesday, 8 February 2017

March of the Idiots: Asylum Wargaming at Beers of War, part one

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to tonight's edition of The Asylum.

Last time out I detailed the forthcoming Beers of War event, a Kings of War tournament hosted and organised by our friend Luke Fellows at Luke's APS. What I didn't mention is that myself and the pocket rocket that is Steve JohnSnow—my friend and partner at Asylum Wargaming—will be entering Beers of War under the moniker The Kings of Phwoar! Tonight therefore, as part of our March of the Idiots series—in which I detail Asylum Wargaming's entry and misadventures in various tournaments—I bring you an insight into The Kings of Phwoar!'s entry, and the mighty miniatures we'll be packing.

Beers of War is a co-op tournament of two-man teams fielding 1500pts (750pts per team member) worth of death and destruction. Steve has variously gone for
Abyssal Warriors
Gloranthan Ducks
and I've elected to been told by Steve that I'm using Undead. This works just fine for me as I've been collecting Undead—more specifically Skeletons—for decades, and have a metric ton of those boney bad boys in the attic. Time to dust some off, me thinks...

So, here are some of the miniatures (in varying degrees of readiness!) I'll be fielding at Beers of Beer:

A Revenant King

A Troop of Revenants

Some Skeleton Archers

Some partially completed Skeleton Archers

Some Wights
This is, of course, just the beginning of the 750pts, and I'll be adding a few bits and pieces between now and Saturday (Saturday? That soon?!? Zoinks!) So stay posted, Inmates, 'cos I'll keep you up to speed. Until then...

...Stay crazy.

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