Thursday, 23 February 2017

ChillCon '17 is GO!

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

So, as you might have guessed, tonight we're talking ChillCon '17. For those who aren't aware of ChillCon, it's Chilling Wargamers' and Asylum Wargaming's very own wargaming show. It debuts on Saturday 27th May, 2017, at Ecclesfield School in Sheffield (full address below), and it's brought to you in association with S.L.A. Industries: CS1 and Word Forge Games.

Things to See and Do, part one: Tournaments and Participation Games

Let me tell you, the place is going to be packed. Not only do we have demonstration and participation games including S.L.A Industries: CS1, Guild Ball, Halo Ground Command, Shattered Void, Scud Alley, AvP and more, but we're also hosting two awesome Kings of War and Bolt Action tournaments! Get in!

Due to this metric ton of awesome, there is only limited space in which to squeeze further participation games. Those wishing to stage such a participation game are invited to email us.

Things to See and Do, part two: Confirmed Traders

But what about the shopping? Well, we've got that covered as well. Just check out this line-up of 'A' grade trade:

Manufacturers of the wargaming miniatures and resin scenics.

For when you absolutely, positively, got to get the best mother-lovin' deals in
the room. Accept no substitutes.*

Producers of high quality painting and miniature hobby products.

Official show stockists of 4Ground, Crann Tara Miniatures, Heroes of the Dark Age, the Depot Battalion range and used figures, books and rule books.

Specialising in wargames miniatures and rules for the golden age of cult TV.

Creators of lovingly made custom embroidered dice bags.

Producers of quality wargaming terrain and accessories.

Co-sponsor of ChillCon, and the official home of S.L.A Industries: CS1.

Specialist in quality military books and wargame related titles.

Specialist commission painter.

PLEASE NOTE: Saddle-Goose Design's handstitched custom dice-bags will be exhibited at ChillCon by Glennbrook Games. Those of you who wish to pre-order a custom bag for collection at ChillCon, however, should contact Saddle-Goose Design beforehand.

Bringing you the highest quality and the best value in custom cut trays and cases.

Producers of lasercut scenery, accessories, movement trays and bases.

Creators of 6mm scale resin cast models and scenics.

Home of the Nightfolk range of 28mm white metal Goblins, Dwarves and other things that go bump in the night...

Creators of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and the skirmish game, Burrows and Badgers.

 Purveyors of the hobby's most popular wargames models and accessories.

Creators of high quality 28mm figures & vehicles.

Producers ofhigh quality cast resin and metal miniatures.

Home of the world's largest range of 28mm wargaming miniatures.
The home of the unique fantastic skirmish game, Arcworlde.

Producers of highly detailed resin miniatures for both 15mm gaming and the starfighter dogfighting wargame, Shattered Void .

Co-sponsor of ChillCon, and masterminds behind such games as  Devil's Run and Cheekz.

Yep, we've got all that and more up our sleeve. Just watch this space for some major announcements. And I mean Bionic Man level of Lee Majors. Yeah, that big.

Things to See and Do, part three: Bring 'n' buy, Refreshments and Chill Con Carni

What? You want more? Okay, how about a Bring 'n' Buy, hot and cold refreshments, and piping hot servings of our very own Chill Con Carni? Satisfied? Good.

The Venue

ChillCon '17 will be hosted at Ecclesfield School, Chapeltown Road, Sheffield, S35 9WD on Saturday 27th May, 2017.  Click here for a useful guide on how to find us.

Tickets and Goodie Bags

Tickets are available here, and the first 100 entrants on the big day are guaranteed a goody bag of, well, goodies. You can also save £1.00 by buying your tickets in advance.

Our Charities

We will donate £1.00 from every ticket sold to our preferred charities:

The three of us involved in the organisation of ChillCon—Steve, Spud and myself—have picked these charities as they all mean something to us on a personal level. Please take a moment to visit their sites and consider making a donation. Thank you.

So that's it, Inmates. ChillCon is coming, and it's going to be insane. You'd be mad to miss.

ChillCon '17 is sponsored by Daruma Productions' S.L.A. Industries: CS1...

...And Word Forge Games.

*Yes, I'm biased...**

**...But we still do good deals.

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