Wednesday, 21 June 2017

March of the Idiots: Paul Goes to War

Hi, I’m Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

Today I bring you a further episode of our March of the Idiots series, in which I detail Asylum Wargaming's misadventures in various tournaments across the country. As part of our commitment to organised and community play, we’re proud to both promote and to engage in these tournaments.

I am, therefore, thrilled to announce my friend—and the man even Warlord Games calls Mr. Bolt Action—Jamie Tranter has invited me to be his partner at a forthcoming event. Entitled Peak Offensive, this doubles tournament sees teams of two players—each fielding 500 points of Bolt Action goodness—competing for prizes and the adulation of their peer group. Lacking a partner (and being desperate) Jamie asked me to be his Wing Man. Once he told me the really cool theme for our entry, I just couldn’t say no…

Jamie’s pitch? An actual WWII action called Operation Varsity. Launched by the Allies against Nazi Germany in March, 1945, Operation Varsity saw Allied airborne forces from the U.S., Canada and Great Britain dropped on the village of Hamminkeln and the town of Wesel (both on the banks of the Rhine River). Their intention was to capture key territories and disrupt German defences in the face of the oncoming Allied ground forces.

Due to a mistake by a pilot, however, U.S. Paratroopers from the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment missed their designated drop zone and instead landed in one held by the British 6th Airlanding Brigade. Not to be deterred, both divisions worked shoulder-to-shoulder to secure the town of Hamminkeln.

So, after a brief discussion (i.e, Jamie told me to), we decided we’d create two 500 point forces which reflected this joint operation. Jamie chose to field the British Airborne of the 6th, and I the U.S. Airborne of the 513th. Being Mr. Bolt Action, Jamie already knew the best way to start his force: the venerable Bolt Action British Airborne WWII Allied Paratroopers boxed set.

I, meanwhile, needed some Airborne, and fast. But, as a Bolt Action newb (I’ve played one game against our man Spud Tate!) neither did I own any Bolt Action miniatures, or have any idea where to start. Fortunately, Warlord’s excellent Bolt Action US Airborne set proved to be an ideal place to start. Why so…?

…Here so:

With five sprues each with six Airborne, this set had more than enough grunts for my 500 point force. Assembling the paratroopers was a scream, and I haven’t had as much fun gluing plastic together since the very first plastic Space Marines boxed set. Yeah, that long ago. And this time I didn’t even glue anything to my face.

So, you're bang up to date. As of today, Jamie and I have an idea, fists full of plastic, and a deadline. Said deadline is a month away and neither of us are known for being quick painters. Can we complete our miniatures in time and do justice to the brave men of Operation Varsity…?

…Watch this space.

Peak Offensive will be held at the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale, Matlock, on Sunday 23rd July. Jamie and I will hold a victory parade in Nottingham on Monday 25th.* No, really.**

*This may not be true.

** It’s really not true.

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  1. so, how did it go? get your US and Brits put together and painted for the battle? Where you able to pull a win or???

    I met an oldtimer a few weeks ago wearing a 17th Airborne baseball cap with the 681st GFAB emblem stuck in it. Turns out the chap was 93, deaf as get out, but was a glider troop in the 681st Glider Field Arty Bn. Served from the 17th AD (681st GFAB) was formed (April 1943), went thru all the campaigns including Operation Varsity - the last major glider offensive (heck one of the major last Allied offenses in the west). Turns out some rat got word to the Germans who had heavily fortified the area with AAA and troops. Even Axis Sally broadcasted this info to the troops that the Germans were ready for them as they were getting ready to attack. Anyway, we won, and out of the 681st GFAB six silver stars and three Medals of Honor. I hope your troops did as well.