Thursday, 2 March 2017

March of the Idiots: Asylum Wargaming at Beers of War, part two

Hi, I'm Paul, and I'm here to tell you all about Asylum Wargaming's misadventures at Beers of War...

If you're joining is us for the first time and don't know your Beers of War from your beer goggles, then let me fill you in. Beers of War is a Kings of War tournament organised by the mighty Luke Fellows of Luke's APS (if you don't know what Luke's APS is either, then why not check out my interview with Luke?) with combines organised play with free beer. Winner. Entrants form teams of two, with each fielding 750 points each, so quick yet challenging games are guaranteed.

As promised, Asylum Wargaming were in attendance. Our very own media star and host of Chilling Wargamers, Spud Tate, joined forces with Mr. Nick Williams to form the team Nick Marine Sunday. Meanwhile Asylum Wargaming's very own angry hobbit, Steve JohnSnow, had the misfortune of forming Kings of Phwoar! with yours truly. I use the word 'misfortune' advisedly, as I played my first game of Kings of War on the evening of 10th February. Beers of War was held on 11th February...

Spud Tate: king of war!
Luke and his brother (and co-organiser) Lee were a lot better organised. Not only were all the tables adorned with excellent gaming mats, but they also sported a wide variety of top-quality scenery, all created by Luke himself.

Suffice to say Spud's day went a lot better than mine and Steve's. With two wins and one draw, he and Nick finished third in the rankings, AND his force of Abyssal Dwarves was voted third best painted. Bravo, Brother Spudly, Bravo!

Mr. Nick Williams, everybody.
And Kings of Phwoar!? Well, we won something too ... even if it was only the Worse Team award.

Yep, with a record and two loses and one draw out of three games, we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory. But no matter, we were there and we enjoyed ourselves, so job done. S'only a game, right?

Rumour has it Beers of War 2 is heading our way July. Rumour has it Kings of Phwoar! and Nick Marine Sunday will be competing once again. Rumour also has it the only way is up for Steve and I, right...?

In full swig ... sorry, swing.

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