Thursday, 9 March 2017

ChillCon '17 Just Got Cooler

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

Today I present a wee update on ChillCon '17. Now, if you don't know what ChillCon '17 even is, then you must be new around here. It's Asylum Wargaming and Chilling Wargamers' very own wargames show, and it's being held on 27th May, 2017. I've even heard a rumour The Asylum may be allowed to play there as well...

I unveiled a astonishing line-up of traders last week. But today I bring even more astonishment, with news that these industry leaders will be at ChillCon '17, making an awesome show even more awesome-er. Check this lot out:

Creating delicious handmade cakes and other confectionaries.

The highest quality 15mm wargaming miniatures and vehicles for your gaming needs!

Miniatures for collectors, by collectors.

Purveyors of Greenskins and the forces who oppose them.

The home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games.

Publisher of hobby rules and games.

28mm historical and sci-fi wargames miniatures.

Producer of white metal miniature figures for the collector or wargamer.

Yes, you read that read. We now have the likes of Mantic Games, Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games and Westwind Productions at ChillCon '17. Not bad, eh?

Tickets are available here. You can also save £1.00 by buying your tickets in advance. For every ticket sold we will donate £1.00 to the following charities:

The three of us involved in the organisation of ChillCon—Steve, Spud and myself—have picked these charities as they all mean something to us on a personal level. Please take a moment to visit their sites and consider making a donation. Thank you.

ChillCon '17 is sponsored by Daruma Productions' S.L.A. Industries: CS1...

...And Word Forge Games.

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