Monday, 27 March 2017

EXCLUSIVE! Daruma Productions Shares Images of New S.L.A. Industries: CS1 Miniature with The Asylum

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

Our friends at Daruma Productions—publishers of the horror sci-fi skirmish game S.L.A.Industries: CS1—have generously shared these images of one of their forthcoming miniature with us. Feast thine eyes on this beauty:

These renders depict a female 1st Division Shiver Elite Sergeant. Fans of S.L.A Industries have been clamouring for female Shivers since Daruma Productions debuted their CS1 miniatures, and will no doubt be psyched to learn their wish is finally coming true.

Sculpted by Ben Wolseley Charles, the 1st Division Shiver Elite Sergeant is due for release at the end of May. She will be released as part of a full squad of Shiver Elites.

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