Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Matt Birdsall Photography: Cannibal Sector Tours

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

I have a special treat for you today, Inmates. A few days' ago I posted a blog about Daruma Productions' recent S.L.A. Industries: CS1 day in Donny. Said post contained a smattering of  photographer Matt Birdsall's excellent pics. Fortunately Matt took more photographs than I could squeeze into that post, so I'd like to present you with the rest. Enjoy!

Riding Without a Helmet

The Legend

On Display
On Patrol


Fight to the Death
On the Prowl

A long time gamer and a fan of Nightfall Games' original S.L.A. Industries RPGMatt Birdsall is professional photographer specialising in miniature photography. You can see more of his awesome work on his Instagram account.