Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Matt Birdsall Photography: Cannibal Sector Tours

Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Asylum.

I have a special treat for you today, Inmates. A few days' ago I posted a blog about Daruma Productions' recent S.L.A. Industries: CS1 day in Donny. Said post contained a smattering of  photographer Matt Birdsall's excellent pics. Fortunately Matt took more photographs than I could squeeze into that post, so I'd like to present you with the rest. Enjoy!

Riding Without a Helmet

The Legend

On Display
On Patrol


Fight to the Death
On the Prowl

A long time gamer and a fan of Nightfall Games' original S.L.A. Industries RPGMatt Birdsall is professional photographer specialising in miniature photography. You can see more of his awesome work on his Instagram account.


  1. Great stuff there and it was nice to see a couple of my figures there